With Bazookka

Build authentic relationships with your interns and recent graduates while optimizing and simplifying the management of your internships.

Powerful features

to recruit and integrate your talent quickly and effectively


Create unique questionnaires with custom text fields


Plan your meetings with your trainees to follow up on their learning, or simply to find out how they are doing. A tool for building authentic and lasting relationships.

Learning community

Organize your teams into interest groups, educational institutions or corporate departments. You decide how to interact with your trainees or recent graduates.

Management of internship agreements

Talk to all the stakeholders during internship effectively.

Job posting

Publish your internship offers, jobs, events and articles

Improve your results

  • Reduce your turnover rate
  • Improve your employer brand
  • Reduce your supervision and coaching labour costs

Why Bazookka?


31% of Canadian students say they had a bad internship experience.


Managing the internship process is long and complicated.


The retention of students and recent graduates is important to ensure a succession in business, especially in full shortage.


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